Vision and Missions

To foster the empowerment and independence of SMSE societies in order to make people’s economy as the foundation of a well-built national economy.


  1. To serve and assist the development of small-scale enterprises in agricultural and agro-industry to become resilient and independent enterprises and have the capability to develop into middle-scale ones.

  2. To take an active part in supporting the growth of agro industrial sector – one of the major keys for the development of Indonesian economy to achieve a more prosperous society.

  3. To empower and assist SMSE society in gaining access to business resources, public services and facilities, as well as market in order to develop their business.

  4. To conduct conceptual study and development program and to develop entrepreneurial environment in all levels of society in Indonesia.

  5. To improve working ethics and entrepreneurial spirit of development agents in the regions in line with Regional Autonomy issue.

  6. To prepare, equip, and foster the existence of new SMSE entrepreneurs in all business fields; whether they come from young generations or retired workers.