The Profile of ERDC

Entrepreneurship Research and Development Center (ERDC) of Research and Community Services Institution (LPPM), IPB is one of the centers in IPB bearing a mission to serve and assist the development of small entreprises in the field of agribusiness and agro-industries to become strong, independent, and able to develop into middle-scale enterprises. In each of its activity, ERDC-LPPM IPB always carries out a conceptual study on enterprenership development programs through trainings, assisstance for supervised Small and Middle-Scale Entreprises (SMSE), not only in production activity processes, access to business and financial resources, service and public facilities, but also in the expansion of product marketing in order to develop their business.

As written in the vision and mission of ERDC-RCSI, IPB, the aids and assisstance given to SMSE tenants were conducted in order to improve their capacity and quality to become independent and established entreprises. To support the policies of CERD - RCSI, IPB, the following have been performed:

  1. Division on Entrepreneurship Development
  2. Division on Entrepreneurship Research
  3. Division on Business Incubators
  4. Networking Development