Activity Title : The distribution of Modal Awal and Padanan (MAP) for MSE Location : Bogor
Cooperation : IPB and the Cooperative and SMSE Ministry
Detail : 1. Distributing rolling credit for supervised MSE;
2. Assisting process from production,  packaging, and paying back the loan credit;
3. MSE Products: coconut kernel, vegetables, Odeng honey, computer, instant mushroom soup, instant ginger drink, aloe vera drink.
Tahun : 2001-2003

Activity Title : Developing bullfrog cultivation in Ciwidey, West Java
Cooperation : IPB and PT Pertamina
Detail : 1. Training on character building, bullfrog technology and  cultivation management, business management (book keeping and finance);
2. Group Training;
3. Giving assistance in Bullfrog cultivation up to marketing stage.
Tahun : 2001-2002

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