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(incuBie LPPM IPB)

Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kewirausahaan (P3K) or Entrepreneurship Research and Development Center (ERDC), Research and Community Services Institution (LPPM) of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) is one center in IPB area whose mission is to serve and assist the development of small-scale entrepreneurs in the fields of agribusiness and agriculture to become resilient, independent, and able to grow into the middle-scale entrepreneurs. In each of its activity,ERDC carries out the study on the concept of entrepreneurship development program through a series of trainings and assistance for small and middle-scale entrepreneurs (SMSE) of tenants, not only in production activity process, access to both business and financial resources, as well as public service and facilities, but also in expanding the product marketing in order to develop the tenants business.

The benefits have been able to be directly undergone by SMSE tenants assisted by ERDC, LPPM IPB both physically (equipment) and non-physically (production capability increase, business management and marketing). Through various types of program activities, trainings and assistance for SMSE, particularly the tenants of ERDC, LPPM IPB, the ability of SMSE to master cultivation and post-harvest technologies can be improved. As one of the business factors of a business activity success, the SMSE capability to make and own a (Business Plan) is a necessity.

With the arranged business plan, as many as 6 tenants of Business Incubator of ERDC, LPPM IPB have obtained financial grant as a working capital from Rotating Fund Dissemination Institution of Ministry of Cooperation and SMSE, through with Astra Mitra Ventura financial institution.

Based on decree of Rector IPB No 211/I3/OT/2011 date 6 December 2011 was developed into Center for Business Incubator and Entrepreneurship Development (incuBie) at Research and Community Services Institution of IPB.  


Head of Center,

Prof.Dr.Ir. Memen Surahman, MSc.Agr.