The History of incuBie LPPM IPB

In order to carry out services for and development of Small and Middle Scale Entreprises (SMSE), IPB set up a Incubator Centre for Agribusiness and Agroindustry (PIAA-IPB) on August, 3rd, 1994. Such a centre gives integrated services to SMSE that become the tenants of PIAA-IPB through assisstance program for 3 years. SMSE incubator tenants obtain business spaces with low rental fee, entrepreneurial consultation, technology and management, as well as access to not only financial institutions (business credit) but also consumers (buyers).

To approach the National Middle-Term Development Plan (NMDP) focusing on SMSE development, PIAA-IPB was developed into the Entrepreneurship Research and Development Center (ERDC) of IPB based on the Decree of the Rector of IPB Number 061/K13/OT/2005 dated June, 2nd 2005. Services have improved since Garuda 21- IPB Program, which has been conducting trainings in business and entrepreneurship development for SMSE and retired people, joined this centre.

Since 2011, ERDC becomes Center for Business Incubator and Entrepreneurship Development (incuBie)